Bruksbor - a photographic exhibition at the Old Hotel in Skebobruk.

When the camera became more common after the turn of the century, the people who lived in the ironworks community could also be documented. Now, digitally refurbished 100-year-old images are displayed enlarged in a format that makes it possible to see these pictures in a new way. It is from the beginning, often yellowed, small original copies where it is hard to discern anything more than a foggy past. With the help of high resolution scanning and careful recovery of the originals, the enlargements show clear images of the people who lived in the  ironworks community.

Opening:  July 6 kl 17.00 - 20.00   -  
Place: Gamla Hotellet, Skebovägen 39, Skebobruk in Roslagen, Stockholm County
Open: Tuesday-Sunday, 11-16, July  - August 6 2017.